IAS Best Equity Picks

IAS Best Equity Picks

The IAS Best Equity Picks strategy is offered as a separate account strategy to both advisors and individual investors. 

The strategy targets those stocks whose digital footprint indicates greater potential revenue growth (hence, earnings) than than current equity analysts’ forecasts.

Objectively, investments seek to produce 1.5 x to 2x broad market returns while correlating with growth stock indices. We expect portfolio volatility to range approximately 25% higher.  More numbers.

Holdings will include long side only, but may include equity indices, options on equities and options on equity indices. Position sizes are limited and the portfolio is diversified across roughly 30-40 holdings. At entry, no position has ever been sized to be greater than 4% of the portfolio. Leverage will not exceed 1.0x the liquidation value of the portfolio. 

Risk management utilizes proprietary digital indicator to signal when to rotate to less volatile positions for defensive purposes.