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IAS Strategy Enhancement

by Wayne Ferbert on Feb 26, 2018

Today, February 26th, is a re-balance day for the IAS portfolios. Our digital signals have been updated and the feedback loop from earnings results have been processed. Our portfolios are turning over by about 50% today.

But you will also note one other subtle change in the IAS Equity Long/Short and the IAS Best Picks portfolio. The portfolios have been increased to around 50 stocks from previously holding around 30 picks. The resulting portfolio is more diversified and provides for better scalability of the trading. 

Market Update: IAS Strategies

by Wayne Ferbert on Feb 4, 2018

By Wayne Ferbert

The markets had an unfamiliar week, didn’t they? We haven’t seen a down week like this since 2016 before the elections! The markets were down around 4% this week. And of course, that has lots of clients and advisors asking our opinions.

At Alpha DNA, we observe the markets thru the lens of our Internet Advantage Strategies (IAS). Our IAS strategies aim to provide excess return thru two sources: (1) Stock selection of companies that will deliver surprise revenue and EPS performance; and, (2) Adjusting our net exposure as market signals show weakness.

IAS Posture Update: December 4th

by Wayne Ferbert on Dec 11, 2017

The IAS strategy made a significant posture change today. And it was a rare posture change for us. First, some background:

Markets tend to reward companies that are growing faster than expectations. Growth is always a factor that attracts a premium in stock price.

But there are market conditions that will cause successful growth companies to lose their premium on a temporary basis:

Updating Earnings - thru Sep 30 2017

by Wayne Ferbert on Oct 10, 2017

The 3rd quarter of 2017 just finished. With it brings a close to Q2 earnings season. And we promised to always update how our equity picks did on their earnings announcement dates!

Our Internet Advantage Strategy (IAS) is all about finding hidden revenue trends inside of companies we might invest in. So, when we hold a stock leading up to or in to its earnings results, we basically believe it will be surprising on earnings.

It is like getting a report card every quarter on how well we are finding these hidden revenue trends.

IAS Researchers Published in Harvard Business Review

by Wayne Ferbert on Sep 20, 2017

Our Internet Advantage Strategies (IAS) are founded on a unique research approach that combines machine learning and mining big data. The research team at alpha-DNA produces these equity picks.  The research has many interesting applications. In fact, the applications are so interesting that the Harvard Business Review chose to publish an article by our research team about the power of tracking a company's digital signal.  You should check out the article: "Are You Accurately Measuring Your Company's Digital Strength?" It's a short read, but I've pulled out a few of the more interesting snippets: